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Dockerize the Minetest server

Dockerizing Minetest makes hosting a Minetest server much easier than it used to be, especially when it comes to more complicated setups, e.g. when using PostgreSQL as database backend and sofar’s Minetest Media Server for media delivery. In this first article, I’ll show you how to dockerize the Minetest server.

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Minetest Vehicles: Why the rolling resistance implementation is wrong

In the last article, I discussed the implementation of rolling resistance in the Minetest vehicles mod.

I have to admit, that after further research, the approach of using
was not completely correct. The problem is the Crr factor. Using a pre-calculated value is only possible, if the vehicle is moving at a constant speed. Apparently, a car does not move at a constant speed, so I have to find another way to calculate the rolling resistance. For now, I disabled it in the mod.

Minetest Vehicles: Implementing rolling resistance

UpdateWhy the implementation of rolling resistance is wrong

In an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.

Newton’s first law of motion

The demo car in my Minetest Vehicles mod can accelerate, so far so good. But it won’t slow down on its own because of Newton’s first law of motion, due to the lack of resisting forces, namely:

  • Rolling Resistance
  • Aerodynamic drag
  • Engine brake

To make a vehicle slow down, we need to apply all of these resisting forces. This article discusses what rolling resistance is, how it’s calculated and how it’s implemented in the mod itself.

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Learning the Minetest Lua API

Minetest has a quite powerful modding API that claims to be simple. This is true from a technical point of view.  The problem is that there is no official beginner-friendly tutorial allowing people to learn the API step-by-step. Fortunately, some people took the time to create tutorials and documentations of the Minetest Lua API  on their own. I’m going to present three of them to you.

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