From time to time, I’m getting creative with pen and paper, creating drawings that some people actually seem to like. Most of the drawings I made so far are related to the original Spyro trilogy (Spyro the dragon, Gateway to Glimmer aka Ripto’s Rage, Year of the dragon). Of course I’m also open to other themes, but I currently don’t have the motivation to create new drawings.

Please feel free to discover my personal favorites below. If you like it, you can find more on my DeviantArt page.

Colossus – Brother Clive

Who needs a key, when you know how to chant like this…

This one is my definite favorite. I love thw world of Colossus, its residents and its music. Spyro and Brother Clive (a monk) turned out absolutely beautiful in this one, exactly as in the game!

Colossus - Brother CliveView on DeviantArt


Legend has it that there is a portal to Zephyr here. And legend also has it that I know how to activate it. Furthermore, as I recall, the legend mentions something about me activating it for… a small fee.

Most people seem to hate this pants-less bear, but I actually like him (even though he always wants my collected gems).

MoneybagsView on DeviantArt