What is Minetest?

Minetest is a game engine and a game for sandbox voxel worlds, inspired by InfiniMiner and Minecraft. It has support for multiplayer, texture packs and most important: mods.

According to the forum, I first came to the community in 2012.

I’m webdesigner97 (also on the server) and I’m here to ask for building privilieges.


Please note the ugly spelling mistake and the hand-written signature with my name. Really professional. It’s true *ahem*…

I started modding the game in the same year after feeling the need for nice asphalt roads. StreetsMod was born.

The engine has a quite powerful Lua modding API that allows modders to add nodes (aka blocks) to the game. You can add objects that can move around freely (so called entities) whose movement can be controlled completely by your Lua script. The possibilities you have with this API are huge, so it’s impossible to list everything here. There are also some tutorials and documentation out there that I presented on my blog in February 2017: Learning the Minetest Lua API

If you want to, feel free to take a look at the mods featured in this section. Some of them are written by me, but there are also some cool mods of other people that I really like.