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Vehicles is a mod(pack) for Minetest providing a feature-rich API for adding a variety of land vehicles (excluding trains) to the game. It will focus heavily on a realistic simulation of driving physics and modularity.

Main features (planned)

This is a rough roadmap of what is going to be implemented in the mod. It is the result of a brainstorming and might change at any time, so there is no promise that everything on this list will be included in the release. The items are ordered by priority.

  1. Accurate driving physics (no Arcade-style)
    • Torque-based engine simulation
    • Accurate simulation of longitudinal and lateral forces
    • Drive train simulation (Clutch, Gearbox, Differential)
    • Influence of aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance and engine brake
    • Weight simulation (influenced by chassis, components, passengers and load)
    • Wear simulation (sooner or later, your brakes need to be replaced…)
  2. Cars as useful objects
    • Transport of players (passenger seats)
    • Transport of items (trunk)
  3. Customization
    • replaceable components (engine, clutch, gearbox, differential, tires, brakes…)
  4. Education (basic knowledge about how a car works, especially interesting for kids)
  5. Alternative drive concepts (e.g. electric vehicles)

Frequently asked questions

Questions to answers that either have been asked before or I expect to be asked sooner or later.

1. When will this mod be published?

This will take quite some time. I’m in a dual study course of Business Informatics, so please be patient.

2. How many cars will be included in the first release?

Exactly 1. Vehicles is meant to be an API for other people to add cars to the game without having to implement the physics on their own.  The included car is supposed to be the showcase on what is possible with this mod to the players and to be a reference for other modders on how a car is implemented in general.

If I decide to release more cars, they will be released seperately. I’m not going to force anyone to use my cars by including them into the release.

3. Why another vehicles mod?

Touché. There are already some vehicle mods out there, including my streetscars. streetscars has been abandoned because it is very unflexible and badly implemented. Additionally it was created in the hope that it could be added to StreetsMod one day, which obviously never happened. Vehicles can be seen as its successor.

My goals and plans for this mod differ heavily from what can be found out there. and the development of a (maybe even the) car mod has always been a dream for me.